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2002 Spring Bean-O-Rama
Wickenburg, Arizona

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Beginning of a beautiful day.


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Plaz fixed some fine food of which I was invited to partake.


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Damn wild dingos kept sneakin' into camp
and stealing my chicken


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The day starts to warm up


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All those white dots are trailers. 

Behind those hills is where the Road Runners hide their beer and virgins from what I can figure!


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A little closer shot


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JB holding court.  I left camp about 8 am Saturday morning, came back at 12 noon and JB and crew hadn't moved an inch.  JB said he was afraid to move for fear he might step onto the Road Runner's claim.


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Beautiful Quartz Gold specimen of JB's with disseminated gold throughout.  Minelab pulse induction machines could not hear this.  We tested the SD2000, SD2200, and GP Extreme.  The VLF's like the White's and Gold Bug had no problem with this type of specimen.