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Gold Basin Feb. 2000


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Our Host; Joe Bahde, Jim French, Bob Harmon, Samantha McAdoo, Gary Guinott, Troyce Warner from W.A., Allen
Corneliusen, Ralph Smith, Frank Brown, not pictured Clark Wockner and ME. (Bob Harmon found about a 1 dwt nugget Saturday)

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Allen Corneliusen, Frank Brown, Rick from PA, Ralph Smith

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John Green and father-in-law, Donny

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1 years worth of Gold Basin Gold, around 16 ounces of nuggets and specimens found by John Green using SD2200d and 14 inch ** Manufacturing Mono.  Largest nugget 14 dwt, largest specimen 3 ozs.

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Frank Brown with a .5 dwt nugget
found with Tesoro Super Traq

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Scott Williams 3 dwt and a 2.2 dwt nugget
Brother Russ Williams not pictured.

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Joe Bahde with 1 1/2 ounce nugget found
4 feet deep with a 24 inch ** Manufacturing Mono
at King Tut Placer area around 2/15/00

Joe owns the claim he allowed us to camp on

It took Joe two days of work to dig down 4 feet in a wash to retrieve this little 1 1/2 ounce beauty

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Gayle Mathieu, Jim French, Dr. Felix Mathieu

The Mathieu's are from Louisiana


The GoldStalkers would like
to extend a Big Thank You to Mr. Joe Bahde for allowing us to camp and hunt on his claim!