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2002 G. M. Lousignont, Ph.D.

Of Christmas Joy

                                        by Gregory M. Lousignont, Ph.D.

'Tis the time of the season when the question seems to always be the same
Where did this year go?  We take so much for granted, it's truly a shame

Bureaucrats find excuses to claim we must keep religion and government apart
But, it is us dear friends, that will not let the true meaning of Christmas be torn from our heart

It is not about Santa, or Elves, Sugar Plums, Sleighs, Candy Canes or Snow
It is about the little Baby Jesus born to Mary and Joseph in a stable so very long ago

He came to show us love and how we should treat one another
His sacrifice was divine, to save us from our sins there could be no other

This Christmas, as we look around our home with all the decorations of the season
We should pause and remember every decoration has a meaning — they have a reason

The Christmas tree so joyful with lights, tinsel and ornaments galore
It symbolizes the tree upon which the Divine Sacrifice was made and the thorny crown that HE wore

The angel or star which adorns the tree top is a tradition we still keep
It is to commemorate what did appear to shepherds in fields tending their sheep

The brightly wrapped presents we give, that have been arranged neatly under the tree
They represent the gifts of Gold, Incense, and Myrrh the Wisemen brought, remember? There were three

So this Christmas morning as we gather around the tree to share our Christmas love
Please remember to send some heaven's way to honor the Baby Jesus who now reigns from high above

Merry Christmas to all
and may the Baby Jesus smile sweetly upon you and those you love