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Mohave John Green

I was the first person to ever take John Green out detecting with his new SD2200d.  I didn't even own an SD2200d I had an XT18000 and had been successful with that.  Ever since that day Mohave John Green has been a human vacuum cleaner, sucking up gold out of the ground where ever he goes.

I don't know of any individual who has found more gold in the Gold Basin area than John.  He truly has a gift.  Last year he hit a 28 ounce patch.  Of course being I helped him get started and I give him all of his equipment at my cost, he told me about the patch 6 months after he found it, and had cleaned it out.  He did allow me to go look at his dig holes.

This is Mohave John Green with the hat, and his father-in-law Donny.  Even Donny got in on John's 28 ounce patch and found a 2 1/2 ounce nugget.  Of course Donny gives John all of his detecting equipment at cost, no wait, that's me;  Donny doesn't even sell equipment.  BUT, Donny did take John out when John  was first getting started!  NO, hold it, that can't be, because John got Donny involved in detecting.  Oh yeah, I remember now, that was me too!

I'm just giving John a hard time.  He asks me to go prospecting with him all the time but, unfortunately our schedules sometimes don't match up.  He's a great friend and has always been very generous with sharing his hunting areas with me and allowing me to dig up the gold for him!  I get to carry his pick and sometimes he even lets me touch his gold. :)

Above is just some of Mohave John Green's gold.

Another patch found by MJG on March 20, 2002

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The biggest piece weighs 5oz, 2nd, 1.35oz 3rd, 6 dwt, 4th 5 dwt, the rest of them add up to 8oz.

John said the 5 oz. piece sounded like a tin can.  He was using an SD2200d with ** Manufacturing Coil

John was kind enough to take me to show me where he found the 5 ounce piece.  He told me to go ahead and detect the area.  I felt sort of funny infringing upon his turf so I went a different direction.  Months later John went back to this location and found a 1 ounce piece directly uphill from the 5 ounce piece. 

I was so close to that 1 ouncer I should have been able to smell it, but just as MJG is attracted to gold. I am repelled by it! :(

Gold from 28 ounce Patch
and other Patches

1[1].25 gold.jpg (51826 bytes)

1.25 ounces

specimen10oz.JPG (39528 bytes)

Large Specimen is 10 ounces

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25 ounces of Yellow Stuff

met.JPG (55828 bytes)

Damn Pesky Meteorites Kept getting in the way of the Gold

Mohave John Green has an uncanny knack of attracting Mohave Green Rattle Snakes

This snake below actually struck at MJG and hit him in the pant leg but missed his actual leg.  The snake never rattled until after it had struck and missed.

Here is the second snake that almost nailed John on the second day!
Both of their skins now hang on John's wall.

If you are hunting an area where there should be gold but there isn't any, and there is a trail of dead rattle snakes, the chances are, you're walking behind
Mohave John and you're a little too late!